Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hostgator Coupon: Types of Coupons on Offer

You may be aware that you can save a lot of money when you initially register with Hostgator by using a decent Hostgator coupon for 2013. The problem though is that there can be so many coupon promo codes to choose from that you may get dizzy just figuring out which one is which. Every affiliate website offers the same packages and promos; the only difference is that the promo code itself may be changed from one affiliate to the other. So here’s a little guide of the more common Hostgator coupon codes that you may want to use for your hosting plan:

Promo Code #1: $50 Off Your Hosting Plan
This is perhaps the most well known of Hostgator coupon codes - February 2013 found on the internet. This code and its variants will immediately knock off $50 off your registration and hosting payment. This is really useful because when you sign up you’ll notice that most plans have a $50 initial hosting fee. You can knock that right off for the first payment and save you a lot of money. This type of promo code is mostly used for the one year and two year prepaid hosting plans.

Promo Code #2: Free Extra Domain Name Plus a Unique IP Address
This is a common promo code that is specifically unique to Hostgator. There is no Hostgator coupon that can offer a similar deal. This promo code, which gives you one extra domain name and a personal IP Address for your hosted site, is for people who want to get more out of their plan. It is mostly applicable for people going for the shared server hosting plan. Having a personal IP address is a good way to separate them from the others who are sharing their server space.

Promo Code #3: Free Extra Domain Name Plus a $25 Discount Package
Just like the promo code above it gives you a free domain name but this time you also get a $25 cash discount. If you don’t mind having to share your IP Address with the rest in your shared hosting plan and you want to cut down your expenses this is the best option you can go for. This promo code is another reason why you’ll want to go with Hostgator – there is no Hostgator coupon that offers the same discount deal.

Right now Hostgator is offering a free trial period of two weeks to new accounts. Take the trial period to get a taste of how Hostgator works and complement it with a decent promo code to save you more money. There are other promo codes out there but they mostly play as variants on the three listed above. Sometimes there is an end of the year promo that can slash off 50% of your entire payment plan. Try to look around if those codes are still active and if Hostgator still supports them. Now that you know the different types of Hostgator coupon codes, why not use one now and get the most out of your Hostgator hosting package?

Hostgator Coupon Code for 2013: